I'm back! HOLY SHIT!

Bonjour everyone! I can't believe I haven't posted on here since summer. I was on a lovely e-hiatus...or lovely until I checked my email and it had piled up to 500+ messages of mostly junk offers. Anyhow, I'm back, I have soooo much to tell but first I'm going to read other's journals since I miss them too. Take care everyone and talk soon!



Yes, I am alive, just been on e-hiatus again. I apologize to everyone who has e-mailed me, I have 217 messages waiting to be read and can't get to them yet. This is the last day of my Michigan vacation and I'm leaving soon. But love to all, and miss ya much to my fave LJ friends, esp. Amy, Timmy, Linds, and Nighthawk! Talk soon..........

hiatus, part 1,000,000

Oy, I had 144 emails to read!!! I haven't been online forever. Anyhow this will be short cuz I'm too exhausted from all of them to type any more than I need to. Let's see, I worked 50 hours last week (ugh!) and am enjoying a 3-day weekend now. Saw 2 great shows this weekend. My bro bought me the Michelle Branch CD, can't stop listening to it! And the weather is GORGEOUS. That's all for now, love to all.


Well well well what an interesting day. I'd been having some chest pains and tightness in that area and I was scared. So I called 911 and went to the hospital. Where, after doing a series of tests including an EKG, chest x-ray, and typical vitals, they determined it was JUST FUCKING ANXIETY. But you know, I'm still not so sure. I mean, yes I have a history of anxiety but that pretty much stopped a few years ago. Now I rarely get attacks. Feeling anxious and having an attack are two different things, believe me. And I'm pretty good about both right now! Truthfully, I don't feel that crappy and it's been 3 or so months since I quit Paxil. I feel actually fine. Usually. Anyhow, I really didnt think the chest pain was anxiety-related. But they swore to me there is nothing wrong. And I'm not a fucking neurotic hypochondriac. I dont normally call 911. I just think there could be something wrong that they couldnt find and if so what and why and how? THAT is what I'm worried about. Just because someone is an anxious person doesnt mean every little ache and ailment is related to fucking ANXIETY!!! Arrrghh, can't they see that. God forbid I worry about something in my body, but "it's just anxiety, calm down..." Fuckers. (They were the NICEST EMTs you could ask for though. I just felt how I often feel on a daily basis: misunderstood.) But in the meantime, who knows. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. I'll just not focus on it too much.

AHHHHHHHHHHH. For now I need to relax and lie down. They gave me Ativan (yay!) and I'm tired.
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blah blah blah.

I lurrrve LJ. I have been neglecting my LJ lately but it's nothing personal. Remember I don't have the internet at work, just the "intranet" (read: totally useless bullshit extraordinaire). Anyhow. Just got home a little while ago. (Get to use bro's AOL while he is in Mich. visiting our mom. yes I have an AOL name but verrry temp.) Catfight was really fun. Go girls!

Well enjoyed the house to myself for a whopping one day instead of two. Dad went to Indiana, bro as I said went to Mich. I sooo need my own place STAT.

Let's see what else...getting check from Grandma's estate sale. Going to bills. Feel HORRID that money from her life's collections must go to pay for dumbass-hood.

Phone tag AGAIN with Sean (guy from Abbey Pub when I saw AE last wknd). But the thing is, it doesn't matter HOW MUCH you love the Beatles, you're cool for that no matter what, but if you're kinda...I dunno...metzo-annoying not to mention only 21 it's sort of....WTF? Ya know? So whatever. Not too interested.

ED is saved!! Hallelujah! (sp?) I am sooooooo happy. STILL cant' get over amazing season finale. OMG that kiss!!!!

Favourite ring broke tonight. Jeweler going to get ripped a new one by me.

Anyhow good night. And have a pleasant tomorrow (Jimmy Fallon LOL).

Thank you! Well, FUCK YOU!!

OMG OMG LOL I am STILL laughing about mine and Amy's excursion to Cubby Bear on Saturday night. You don't want to be a drunken, off-key-singing, shady, nasty-ass schlub around us, we show NO mercy!!! LOLOL It was hilarious, and the show was great. Rock on!

Also, I got my package from Linds! Thank you, I love it. Especially the Simpsons CD, which I will watch soon, and most importantly my ED letter opener! You rock!!

I am deeply agitated cuz I saw a commercial for this Weds' ED and it said, and I quote, "Only 2 episodes left!" WTF? Of the season or of the SHOW? I must hurry to the website and find out before I drive myself insane.

OH MY GOD: Tommmm

But for now, it's time to eat. (lol!!)
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Tuesday's gone with the wind

Well, I had a fun weekend. QL was a blast, they have these fake newspaper thingie type of fliers and there's a pic of the original Swallow Five. It was hilarious. Also this weekend I got to see my mommy! I worked Friday after returning from ISU, then that night my mom arrived and I got to spend all day Saturday with her. She, my bro, and I went to my aunt's in Lakeview and then to get some Chinese (mmmmmm). And, AND, I've been going to bed earlier these past few days (read: 1-ish) instead of 3 or 4. It's kind of nice. It won't last though. It never does. My throat hurts. That sucks. Not much else to say, going to go enjoy my day off. But I must say, if I remember correctly, today is the birthday of a certain Savoryesque someone. Have a good one!

Hasta pasta....
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